Teeth Whitening

How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

It depends on how much whitening you are looking to achieve. Generally, maximum results are obtained after 2 weeks of daily at-home application.

Will I get tooth sensitivity if I whiten my teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is a well-known side effect of whitening. The literature indicates that approximately 50% of individuals will have some form of sensitivity during teeth whitening. The sensitivity is generally mild and short lived, though in some cases may require cessation of treatment. Preventive measures are available to avoid this side effect such as switching toothpaste and avoiding certain foods during treatment time.

I have fillings in my front teeth, can I still whiten them?

Unfortunately, most dental materials will not whiten as natural dentin and enamel do. If any fillings or crowns are present in the target area it must be taken into account that these materials will remain color stable.